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lots of gratitude - the only way we can describe how we feel - to have laid the groundwork with rice growers who follow the traditional practice of selecting and saving their best seeds

traditional seed saving

each year about 50% of seeds come from the farmer's previous harvest, while the other half is exchanged with rice growers at different sites

according to our farmers yields turn out better this way and rice plants are less prone to disease

Seed saving is a 11,000 year old process and the value of saving and controlling seeds - securing the food supply - cannot be underestimated for several reasons:

  • Seed saving guarantees a farmer's financial independence from seed corporations.

  • Few farmers are self-reliant and the majority of Thai farmers relies on purchased, generic seed strains that lack flavor and are prone to disease. As a result farmers buy and spray chemical fertilizers and pesticides. "Q logo", the most prominent Thai organic label, which is authorized by the National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS), even allow some of those chemicals in its organic guidelines.​


  • Selection of strongest seeds adapted to their local ecosystem results in a healthy, nutritious, high yielding, premium grain while ensuring biodiversity and expanding the natural gene pool, which, in our view, is crazy important for our future.