Hi, my name is Alex, I am a physician and I love food, its cycle.

My interest grew over the years. After graduating in 2007, I felt something was missing: education had all been about diseases and treatments, there was no place for nutritional or preventive science and at the time I simply had no clue what to eat. It was only in 2011, at a seminar on musculoskeletal disorders, where health was defined as a balance in movement, nutrition and communication, that I fully realized I had to change direction.

Literally the day after, I met Dao at the bakery where she was working and it didn't take long before we started traveling together (two years later we got married). I got to read about food and agriculture, lived at a farm, tried out Fuhrman and McDougall, and maybe more than anything else, our taste buds got more sensitive and we found something we both enjoy: healthy, tasty, savory, spicy, traditional food!

Alex Cochez MD

Co-founder Rebirth Rice

one of the best whole grains out there

We don't consider black rice as the latest and greatest super food, but for sure it's an essential part of what we eat (our fuel is a fair split of both protein and carbs).


What makes this type of rice so appealing is that it's a whole grain that combines complex carbs with a high insoluble fiber content (therefore, blood glucose levels don't spike), its mineral content is a couple of times that of a high quality brown rice and it's an antioxidant powerhouse.

Whether you eat carbs in low volumes, or it's at the center of what you eat every day, we like to offer a black rice, free of agrochemicals and arsenic

chewy delicious 

high in fiber,

low glycemic index

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minerals, minerals

To give an idea of mineral content in black rice, I just name two: iron and magnesium.


Bioavailable iron is 3 times higher in black rice than in polished white, and half more than in brown rice.


One serving provides 25% of the recommended daily value for magnesium. Actually,  black rice contains more magnesium than most well-known magnesium rich foods. No other starch even comes close.

iron and magnesium values for our heirloom black rice: 1.9mg/100g, respectively 166.8mg/100g

packed with antioxidant

Update Oct 27, writing in progress