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our rice is arsenic free

update Oct 31, currently awaiting latest lab results. Available soon.

how we screen

Arsenic in nature presents in two forms, either ORGANIC or INORGANIC. The latter is a known carcinogen.

Early 2016, the EU set the maximum level of INORGANIC arsenic in husked brown and other pigmented rice varieties to .25mg/kg (250ppb). The US lacks regulation for arsenic levels in food (except for baby cereals) while Thailand has a guideline in place: maximum value for INORGANIC arsenic in husked brown and pigmented rice shouldn't exceed .35mg/kg.  

Therefore, when selecting farmers, we screen on TOTAL arsenic 

(organic + inorganic) and if the result exceeds .25mg/kg, we will not source rice from this farmer (group). 


We reassess our findings every 2 years and results are published under farming reference.

Analyzing INORGANIC arsenic is a very expensive test, so we plan to measure INORGANIC arsenic occasionally.